vichatter...something about our videos and a little more

our videos from youtube will soon be taken down we will replace allot of them with a video that just describes what the pedos do on vichatter and how the pedos get in touch with the underage girls and their pimps that have trusted accounts and how they have these underage girls do illegal sex acts for gold and we also know that vichatters pedo owners will let some of these users cash their gold in for money or goods it even says that in vichatters rules and this is why the underage girls want gold so bad and when these girls are not trusted they can not get any more than 5 in gold a day given to them so their for they get a pimp that has a trusted account so they can get more gold by the pedos watching these underage girls do sexual acts in the video call they will give the gold to the pimp with trusted account and this know should also explain why vichatters owners will not have these elite and trusted users banned even if someone complains about them like it says in the rules and what is even more stupid is how in the hell is anyone supposed know how many complaints these pedos that vichatters support will not ban have against them so the rule is actually stupid cause the owners of vichatter are pedos and the moderators of vichatter are pedos and the support are pedos so you see how almost all the rules are stupid when the whole site is run and owned by pedos they were pedos back at the end of the summer 2011 like around September 2011 when Interpol charged the same owners as the ones know with many child related crimes Avaraam Marangos,Renat Gubaev,Anton Titov has never went to any therapy they never spent time in jail so they have never been reformed from being and pedophile at all they was all pedophiles then and they all still are pedophiles and they even tried to fight the charges and if you don not already know what was going on that thought was ok and only a pedophile would think is ok google vichatter and going into some of those file sharing sites and download some of those vichatter videos from before WARNING THEY WILL HAVE UNDERAGE GIRLS DO SEX ACTS AND THEY WILL HAVE VICHATTERS NAME EITHER ON THE TOP RIGHT CORNER OR AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER These videos are from pedos that taped these underage girls doing sex acts from off vichatter know like we said this is just to show some of the people that does not already know the disgusting things vichatters owners was allowing on their site before so these videos will probably be before august 2011 from vichatter see for yourselves people how the owners of vichatter are pedos we are not just saying it cause we know these people personally and we just do not like them not one single one of us from anonymous has meet any of vichatters owners or anyone else at vichatter so we have no other reason to say what we say but to just let everyone know about vichatter and who the owners of vichatter are Our blog is for educational purposes and for news information to all people not to slander someone not to try and make Russians look bad or for any other reason that some of the pedos from off vichatter may think when they read this blog if you read what we say on this blog and how we get allot of our information we try to make sure we get information from people that knows what is going on at vichatter that has been on vichatter that has had elite accounts and trusted accounts and this information is not coming from just one former or maybe current user from vichatter but several and it is also information that many of us from anonymous has seen happening on vichatter the videos can not lie all though the videos may not be specific information they do show that some very disturbing things from vichatter and they show some of the stuff we say is true know vichatters pedo owners are getting the videos removed because they show what they do not want people to see we all know from watching tv that when a investigator starts to get close to solving the crime the ones committing the crime will start panicking and trying to go back and make sure everything is covered up properly and allot of the times when they do that it gives the investigators more reason to believe from the things they try to hide and keep others from seeing that it must be really good evidence because they really do not want anyone to see this and in this case the videos we posted that vichatters owners are getting youtube to take down because like we said before their are many videos on youtube from vichatter and the owners do not have them taken down. Anyway the ones they have had taken down will be posted on this blog not on youtube and a personal blog can contain more than what youtube will allow and their is no copyright laws if we use the videos as educational purposes and as a news related purposes so we will be able to show you the people more and we mean way more we already knew that some of the videos will be taken down by youtube and we were hoping that vichatters owners will claim copyright infringement on them cause when they do it gives us the owners of vichatter the real no doubt owners and it gives us a email to the owners and we have both the owner is Avraam Marangos we will not post the email sorry.

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